Sarah Fulton Group workshops and labs.

The mission of Tuesday Nights at SFG is to offer our members and guests a forum to collaborate in a variety of creative, educational and career oriented programs.

Since its inception in 1990, SFG has held ongoing classes every Tuesday night. A group of actors meet to read new material, classics, do prepared scenes, improvisation and a myriad of other activities. Guests come in for an evening to direct, teach, have their material read, or just collaborate with the group in a safe, creative environment.

Actor's Lab

The Sarah Fulton Group started in 1990 as an actor's ensemble that got together Tuesday nights to stretch their acting muscles and to work. This process continues as members meet to try out new material, read new works, classics, do prepared scenes, improvisation, and a myriad of other activities, all to be critiqued and workshopped by the evening's host.

Director's Lab

Welcome to the Hot Seat! New and experienced directors are invited to come in and test their mettle. Our actors prepare raw scenes and monologues to be observed by our guest director, whose job is to make them work as a complete piece. Selected Directors may also take part in our Mentorship Program.

Writer's Lab

Writers bring in their works for critique, development, to workshop, and sometimes 'just to hear it outloud.'

Guest Seminars

Exactly what you think. Guest professionals come in to host seminars on improvisation, cold reading, on-camera, sitcoms, Shakespeare, performance art, audition technique - you name it. Check the calendar for who and what's up next...