Theatre 40
Reviewed by Carol Kaufman Segal
In this heartwarming comedy, we meet two lovable older gentlemen, Jimmy, a retired Irish dockworker (Clement E. Blake) and his friend of forty years, Sam a retired Jewish barber (Howard Storm). For some time, the two men have been meeting on a park bench to share a morning coffee and doughnut.

One morning, when Jimmy arrives with the coffee and doughnuts in hand, Sam is in a depressed mood and refuses the refreshments. He finally admits to Jimmy that he is down and out and is losing his apartment. Both men have confessed their loneliness since losing their spouses, and Jimmy finds a solution for both of them by offering to share his apartment with Sam.

Kathrine Henryk - Howard Storm - Clement E. Blake
The two gentlemen thrive on their friendship. They enjoy each others company, playing pinochle together and attending dances for older singles. Life is wonderful for them until Sam meets Carol (Kathrine Henryk), a lovely single lady who suddenly seems to take up most of Sam's time. Will a charming lady spoil their close relationship after so many years, or is their bond too close to be undone?

This delightful play, being presented at Theatre 40 in Beverly Hills, was written by Pat Harrington, Howard Storm and Michael Rhodes. Michael Rhodes since passed away, and Theatre 40 is dedicating this production to his memory. It is directed by Tim Byron Owen. Jimmy's well-appointed apartment was created by Jeff G. Rack. The ethnic flavor presented in this play by both Blake and Storm add charm and warmth to the production. All three actors meld together in their performances and create characters that one can't help but enjoy.

Jimmy and Sam plays Thursdays through Saturdays at 8 PM, Sundays at 2 PM, at Theatre 40 (in the Reuben Cordova Theatre). 241 Moreno Drive on the Beverly Hills High School Campus, in Beverly Hills. It continues through October 30, 2011. For reservations, call (310) 364-0535 or buy tickets online at www.theatre40.org. Recommended.